Gatherings (Part 2)

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Picture This: Our 2011 Summer Dinner
Last year's get-together was held September 17 at Cousin's Bar-B-Q in Crowley. As always, attendance was SRO (seniors room only).
(Thanks to Jane Ann Smith Cassidy for her photos.)

Carol Walker Findley helps husband Pat and Jane Ann Smith Cassidy pose for a photo. (See next photo.)

Pat Findley and Jane Ann Smith Cassidy.

Ken and Merla Zielinski.

Bill Ayars and Stan Jennings.

Frances Penneston Nance and Suzanne Penneston Hardin.

Steve Burris, Jane Ann Smith Cassidy, Carol Walker Findley, Anette Williams Burris, Kathy Alexander Gist, Sherry Ennis Morris, and Barbara Banner Grenier.

Stan Stevens, Danna Banke Cottam, Grace Harvey, and Bill Cassidy

Mike Nichols, Marion Richeson, Larry Barksdale, and Kristy Libotte Keener.

The Man in Black, the Duke, Judy Giles Matthews, and Sherry Newman Mallory.

Brint Harris, Sye Keene, and Al Mallory.

Pat Hunter, Anette Williams Burris, Steve Burris, Gloria Townsend Ayars.

Stan Jennings, Kris Mauldin, Kay and Roger Ray.

Johnny Morrow and Danny Matthews.

Jerry Martin, Larry Murphy, and Chuck O'Toole.

Roger Ray and Robert Beasley.

Stan Jennings, Chuck O'Toole, and Kris Mauldin.

John Wier and Bill Sims.

Roy and Connie Lowry.

June Gipson Bates and Brad Bates.

Mike Nash and Wayne Hill.

2010 Annual Summer Dinner, Like Mr. Clark, Is History
The class of 1967 enjoyed its usual good turnout (more than sixty) for our annual summer dinner on July 24, 2010, at Cousin's BBQ in Crowley. Some familiar faces, some new faces. (Thanks to Jane Ann Smith Cassidy and Wayne Hill for the photos.)

al and sherry

Al Mallory and Sherry Newman Mallory

Steve Black, Jane Ann Smith Cassidy, Bill Sims

Chuck O'Toole and Steve Black

Jana Beers, Grace Harvey, Barbara Spurrier Black

Jane Ann Smith Cassidy, Steve Burris

Jerald Nelson, Marion Richeson

June Gipson Bates

Judy Weeks Kirby and Tommy Kirby

Larry Murphy, Mike Nichols

Rick Lawlis, Gloria Townsend Ayars

Linda Elliott Prince

Linda and James Hollenbach

Marion Richeson, Bill Ayars

Marion Richeson, Johnny Morrow

Jerry Martin

Sherry Ennis Morris, Mike Nash, Stan Stevens, Cathy Alexander Gist

Rick Poteet

Sherry Newman Mallory, Marcia Melton Caple

Barbara Spurrier Black, Steve Black, Sherry Newman Mallory, Bill Sims

Sye Keene

Kathy Thomas Shaw

The Duke, Vikki Pulido, Gloria Townsend Ayars

Wayne Hill, Charles Davis

Merla and Ken Zielinski