Fund Raising: Stuff for Sale to Support Your Reunion Committee

Hot off the Cyberpress: Digital 1967 Parrot Yearbook
Do you no longer have your 1967 Poly Parrot yearbook, has yours become tattered and fragile from years of nostalgic browsing, or do you simply wish that you had your yearbook in digital form so that you could e-mail images to your grandkids when they ask what it was like to go to high school back during the Creation, when the Earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of Ralph Miller?

Well, help is on the way. The Poly 1967 Reunion Committee has scanned our yearbook--cover to cover and in lurid color--and is making it available on CD for just $20.

At full size, the page images are slightly larger than most computer screens that are set at a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Each image can be edited, copied and pasted, printed, faxed, and e-mailed.

Here are some sample pages: pages 22-23 and page 54.

The CDs are formatted for the Windows operating system, but nerds-in-the-know tell us that the CDs probably can also be read by Macs.

But holy Ronco, there's more! Also on the CD is lotsa stuff from this Web site: more than one hundred photos from our elementary and junior high years, photos from our thirty-fifth class reunion in 2002, sheet music and a recording of the school song, a recording of the school fight song, and two recordings of the snazzy, jazzy "Poly Blues"--one performed by the Poly Marching 100 band in 1955 and one performed by the band during our years.

Proceeds from sale of the CD will help finance activities of your Poly 1967 Reunion Committee.

Checks for $20, made out to "Poly HS 1967," should be mailed to:

Mike Nichols 3359 Creston Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76133-1459

Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, and mailing address.

Operators are standing by.

Thirty-Fifth Reunion Videotape for Sale
It's not too late to order your two-cassette videotape of the thirty-fifth class reunion. It includes, among other treats, highlights from past reunions in addition to coverage of the 2002 reunion. Relive all the sights, all the sounds, everything but the smell of Hai Karate!

Thirty-Fifth Reunion Videotape Order Form Name(s): ___________________________ Quantity: ______ Price per two-cassette video: $25 Total cost:____________ Address: _________________________________________________ Telephone: _______________ E-mail: _________________________ Make check out to "Poly 1967" and mail to: B. Ayars 149 Chaparral Burleson, TX 76028
E-mail Gloria Townsend Ayars if you have any questions about ordering the reunion videotape.